Famous car company Hyundai entered the world of NFT with Meta kongz


Metemobility, the invention of the new century. You may be hearing this word for the first time, but you will hear it more from now on. The famous South Korean automobile company Hyundai Nft is stepping into the world. It seems that it will make a name for itself in the nft world with the high quality nfts they will release in May with Meta kongz. The company, which gives the name Hyundai Metabolity universal to this world they will establish, will produce mobility vehicles that will accompany you in this universe. You can share this excitement by reading the information about Nfts and hyundai metamobility on hyundai’s own website.

For more up-to-date and detailed information, you can access Discord from this link. https://discord.gg/hyundai-nft.
or via twitter https://twitter.com/Hyundai_NFT and https://twitter.com/meta_kongz with this link.

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